Saturday, December 29, 2012

Again I have found another great website for earning Paypal Money!

It's called

Almost everyday they will send a link to your email saying that you have a survey to take.

It consists of really easy questions and normally there isn't that many questions 5 to 10 or so. 

All it asks is like ie. What hobbies do you enjoy: Painting, Archery, horseback riding, speed reading ect. 
And you just click none, any or all. Whatever you enjoy.

Then time to time they might send you an extra survey that might be .14 and they might be fill in the blank or something.

I know .10 or .14 isn't much but take 5 seconds out of the day to do this along with the other websites I have shared you might have a good bit saved up for next Christmas!! That's what I am hoping for!

Go check it out HERE