Wednesday, September 10, 2014

An Open Letter to the Staff at the Maternity Ward

I want to thank some for taking such good care of my little girl and myself...

To the night shift nurse, you were happy every night you came to my room, striking up a conversation each time. Not once were you rude or anything. For helping my husband through with that first diaper explosion, because of my Vertical C-Section I couldn't help him.

To Dr. Devore, for being a great OB-GYN doctor in general, for being available to deliver Sophia considering my husbands work schedule.

To the anesthesiologist, you were steady handed, quick, and you didn't make me nervous as much as I thought you would considering you were pushing quite a large needle into my back. Plus, within the few seconds, minutes of you all rushing me into the OR for my Emergency Vertical C-Section, I must of had pure terror on my face because moments as I was going under I remember you telling me everything is going to be alright.

And to everyone who helped in the delivery and recovery. Ya'll are so great! 

I don't remember everyone's names, because everything just went so fast. Which as many as you all really see, you may not remember me. I just really wanted to thank you guys because everyone was so nice, kind, and caring. Even after having to come back to do a double take of Sophia's hearing (which didn't pass then, but did pass August 26th, thank goodness) the nurses comforted me because I was worried if she was going to deaf in one ear.

Northern Hospital of Surry County you have a wonderful staff in the Maternity Ward.
So thank you so much for taking such great care of us!

Thank you for reading!