Friday, November 30, 2012

Santa has gone Technical!

I don't know many of you guys have children or Grandchildren, or a niece or nephew. Check this out Santa has a FREE Message for them!! Santa sent one to Graison.

CLICK HERE to find out how to recieve a personalized video message from Santa! Graison just loved his!!

When you get there click the PNP Portable North Pole to get started.

Let me know how your little one loved it!

Coming soon for your iPad, and iPhone!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shopping Trip 11/18

In our little town of Mayberry we have only a few stores to shop from. We don't have a Kroger so to get my coupon fix I have to go to Lowes Foods for the best prices for my money. They double coupons so that's a plus in our little town.

We don't have much money to spend right now so I limit myself a certain amount until after the new year.

This week I had the Lowes Foods paper that comes out on Wednesday. I scoured the paper matching the best deals of the week with what coupons I had. I seen several but with a tight week this week I decided to only use two sets of coupons I had.

So today we headed to the store. I have a plan set to buy 4 boxes of Dixie Crystal sugar, and 10 boxes of Betty Crocker instant potatoes.

Lowes had the Dixie Crystal sugar 16oz for $1.15
I had four coupons for .55 off any one product *excluding the 2lb bags

They also had the Betty Crocker instant potatoes 10/10
I had five coupons of buy two products get $1.00 off

I love Lowes Foods because they double up to a .99 coupon so the .55 coupons were doubled to $1.10

So for 14 items that WAS going to cost me $26.36 I got at a price of $5.50!

Honestly I think for not having to stores the extreme couponers have, I think I did pretty good! :)

Thank you for reading!

*note: one box of brown sugar and one box of potatoes not shown because we gave them to Hubby's mom.

Saturday, November 17, 2012 Black Friday Giveaway!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012


My first survey site I ever started was Swagbucks and it has been my favorite out of all them. They have daily polls, videos, and surveys. They have coupons and all different types of things to cash out on!

And when you receive you prize then you can take a photo of yourself with it and email it to Swagbucks and you can get more points and you go into a Flickr folder with others!!

They are pretty awesome! Like right now they are having cheaper amounts to cash out on for the holidays!

Click HERE to sign up and start earning!

Start earning that money!!

Gina <3

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Check out InstaGC!!

I have found a new way to earn giftcards! Like Walmart, Amazon, Toys R' Us, and More! InstaGC! And it seems you can earn pretty fast on it too!

 I think im going to use mine towards Amazon money though.

Click my link here to check it out! >> InstaGC

Have fun and start earning!!

Any questions just ask!

Gina :)

Punch Tab Rewards!

 Now all of my followers have a chance to earn rewards every time you click onto my blog!! Punch Tab makes it were whenever you Like, Share, Tweet, or G+ it you can earn points from it! 

I really love it because I have already cashed out an Starbucks giftcard from them and added it to my husband phone! There is prizes like, Groupon, and Barns & Noble!

You can come back everyday to earn more!

Thanks for stopping by and start earning!! 

:) Gina :)