Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our New Journey

Hubby and I have started a new journey in our lives. Today makes 4 1/2 days eating nothing but veggies and fruits. Of course we are drinking tea and milk, water, and having cheese and eggs but no meat whatsoever. It has been extremely hard but as the days past its getting easier. We are going to continue to do this until after we get done juice fasting from Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

I personally want to get healthy because I know I'm not and after the past few days I can tell that I am most defiantly changing our eating habits well after juicing. We may or may not go back to eating a small amount of chicken but we arn't sure yet.

Having eating what we have these past day I have had a lot more energy that what I had. Also I want to lose weight because I have to be in a wedding in March, Hubby also. And I want to get into that bikini because swimming is my life!

Either way, getting healthy is My husbands and my priority.

I would so recommend Boca and MorningStar products. They are meatless and tastes really good!