Sunday, May 27, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Father's Day isn't until June 17th. But Somehow I ALWAYS give Andrew's presents to him early!
I guess I'm always so anxious to get him something or he already knows what it is since I'm a SAHM.

Free Wrapping paper! My grandmother always gives me her newspaper after she uses it, coupons and comics and all!
 I had balloon ribbon left over from Graison's presents so I added that!

Hubby LOVES RedBull but its about $10.00 - $12.00 a four pack where we live so he doesn't get it very often. He doesn't like to get it really even though he loves it. I normally have to pressure him to get him something for his self.

Well I am a part of Klout. It's a website that counts your influences and influencers. And as a part of it brands give you perks for FREE if you qualify. I paid nothing for the RedBull Total Zero.

Andrew doesn't care what I paid for it!

   As our motto:
"I'd rather you got it for free or cheap, then pay full price!"

My Hubby and Baby boy!

Thanks for reading!!

~Gina Taylor~

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Old Folks Home - The Whitest kid U'Know

Last night Hubby was flipping though Netflix and found a show I LOVE! The Whitest Kids U'know. Back when I was a teenager I used to watch them all the time on Fuse. Then Fuse took them off, (or changed the time when aired) and they went to IFC.

They can be pretty... interesting. I have to admit if your are too sensitive then you don't need to look them up.

Here is one episode song Hubby found for me. I hadn't seen this until last night, its so catchy! They do funny skits about history and songs.

Old Folks Home - The Whitest Kids U'Know

Friday, May 18, 2012

Getting ready for Little G's Party!

We are soon going to have my son's party. I have been trying to get all the birthday stuff together. Planing a camping CARS party can be... fun? hehe.

Anyways I have been looking up on Pinterest different ways to wrap his presents. I dislike buying wrapping paper unless I get a really good deal on it. ie. After Christmas sale! So I decided to use comic strips and newspaper. That isn't too cheap is it? I mean we are going camping! We are just going to throw it in the fire anyway! 

Here is a photo of his presents from Mommy and Daddy.
I made the bows!

I don't know. Hubby says jokingly it looks like Christmas. (He Liked it though) But hey it's his 2nd birthday! Like he is really going to remember that detail. I doubt when he is 20 he is going to say. Momma did it ghetto style and it ruined me. teehee.

Also in this post I wanted to share the flags I made. My mother-in-law gave me a CARS Party crafts and this caught my eye.

Sorry the pictures were a bit sketchy I had to take quick photos because hubby and baby boy wanted to take a golf cart ride before dark.

I say this project only costed me .57 cents for the black acrylic paint.

I used:

Black Acrylic paint - .57
6 Kabob Skewers - Already had
Acrylic Paint Paper - Already had.
(You could use any kind I guess. I was going to use printer paper but couldn't find any at the time.)
One Sponge - Already had.
Hot Glue and Glue Gun - Already had
Tape - Already had
Stickers from the Pinata left over

Take your sponge cut it to the size cube you want for the checkered flag.
Get your Paper, sponge, and paint ready.
The book said to use a ruler and pencil to get exact squares. But most likely they are going to messed up in the end anyways so I just eyeballed it.
When I started dabbing it, it didn't look like the photo in the book. (they never do) the sponge left little white dots as you may can see from my photo. So if you want them completely black you will need to go back over it a time or two. I wanted it kinda "rustic" so I left it as it is.
Then let dry.

For the skewers they weren't as long as I wanted to for the bigger flags so I taped two together. After the flags dry I took and rolled the flag carefully around the skewer to my liking. Then I hot glued and rolled. Keep in mind that parts of the skewer are coming out both ends. I made it so I would have as long as possible handle.
After they dried I took and cut the shorter end flush with the flag. There was a little gap since it was Acrylic paint paper is stronger so I added more hot glue to the top.

Like I said before I had extra stickers from my Lightning McQueen Pinata so I just Elmer's glued them to them. But they look pretty good without the stickers.

I just did one side! You could do both if you wanted.

Any other questions just ask!

More to come!

Thank you for reading!

~Gina Taylor~

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lightning Mcqueen Pinata!

We are having my son a Cars birthday bash in June. We are heading to one of our favorite campgrounds Deer Run Campground. A few months back I was looking around for a Cars pinata. I looked and looked but couldn't find the perfect, or easiest to go by. But finally I found the best one ever! Hers was the one I had been looking for! Things I like to Make had the best Lightning Mcqueen pinata! Even though I didn't have everything that she called for I easily switched a few things. 

Here is her Tutorial on Her Lightning Mcqueen. She also has other things from her Party!

I would have taken photos as I made it but I knew if I had of I would have never got it done. I'm weird like that. hehe. Anyways...

I was lucky enough that as I was thinking of attempting to make a cars cake I found a man with all his stickers. I emailed him and he kindly emailed them all to me!

I left the top of the Kix box for the opening for the candy. Slightly cutting it so it was a smaller opening.
Sorry my husband had to get me in my jammies. I told him not to.

I really think the off brand Gatorade bottles made it wheels pop! Then adding the "Lightyear" Stickers to them made them look really good!


In all I think I did a pretty decent job!

I really didn't want to pay $20.00 for the ones at Walmart were all the little kids have torn off the stickers and punctured holes in them. Over all I paid maybe $4.00...maybe.

I used.
4 Off Brand Gatorade bottles
1 Kix Cereal box
1 Can flat black spray paint
1 Can of red sprat paint
1 Mac & Cheese Box
1 Cookout Chicken nugget Foam container
1 TP tube
1 piece of red Construction paper
1 roll of Party ribbon
Print Off Stickers
News paper & Flour
Fishing twine
1 pack of Crepe paper Rolls

I had most of it.

Thank you Things I like to Make (FB Page) for your wonderful tutorial! It really helped me alot!

Go check out her Pages! She has some awesome things!

Thanks for reading! If I have people ask me how I did it step by step I'll post but otherwise Things I like to Make has the best one!

I'll be posting some more later!