Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lightning Mcqueen Pinata!

We are having my son a Cars birthday bash in June. We are heading to one of our favorite campgrounds Deer Run Campground. A few months back I was looking around for a Cars pinata. I looked and looked but couldn't find the perfect, or easiest to go by. But finally I found the best one ever! Hers was the one I had been looking for! Things I like to Make had the best Lightning Mcqueen pinata! Even though I didn't have everything that she called for I easily switched a few things. 

Here is her Tutorial on Her Lightning Mcqueen. She also has other things from her Party!

I would have taken photos as I made it but I knew if I had of I would have never got it done. I'm weird like that. hehe. Anyways...

I was lucky enough that as I was thinking of attempting to make a cars cake I found a man with all his stickers. I emailed him and he kindly emailed them all to me!

I left the top of the Kix box for the opening for the candy. Slightly cutting it so it was a smaller opening.
Sorry my husband had to get me in my jammies. I told him not to.

I really think the off brand Gatorade bottles made it wheels pop! Then adding the "Lightyear" Stickers to them made them look really good!


In all I think I did a pretty decent job!

I really didn't want to pay $20.00 for the ones at Walmart were all the little kids have torn off the stickers and punctured holes in them. Over all I paid maybe $4.00...maybe.

I used.
4 Off Brand Gatorade bottles
1 Kix Cereal box
1 Can flat black spray paint
1 Can of red sprat paint
1 Mac & Cheese Box
1 Cookout Chicken nugget Foam container
1 TP tube
1 piece of red Construction paper
1 roll of Party ribbon
Print Off Stickers
News paper & Flour
Fishing twine
1 pack of Crepe paper Rolls

I had most of it.

Thank you Things I like to Make (FB Page) for your wonderful tutorial! It really helped me alot!

Go check out her Pages! She has some awesome things!

Thanks for reading! If I have people ask me how I did it step by step I'll post but otherwise Things I like to Make has the best one!

I'll be posting some more later!