Saturday, September 7, 2013

MyFitnessPal My 240th Day! (Post #2)

I haven't made a recent before after photos

Day 1: I weighed 220 pounds. I am 5ft 3in. in height. I wore a pant size 16/18.

As my friends may know on my Facebook today is my 240th day on MyFitnessPal. I mean they should. Ever since I started this journey on January 11th, 2013 I have been posting how I wanted to change. After trying many things to get my weight down and all of them failing I had about given up until my husband bought me an iPhone 4s. 

Before I was able to acquire a smartphone I had done some research on MyFitnessPal for about 4 months, though knowing I wouldn't hold fast to logging my foods on my laptop all the time I didn't make a membership. But once I heard that my husband bought me one that was the first free app I downloaded. 

For the first day was a bad day. I mean bad. Right from the get-go I went over my calorie intake. My whole day consisted on:

  • McChicken Sandwich -360 cal.
  • McDouble Burger - 390 cal.
  • 12oz Coca Cola- 140 cal.
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich - 270 cal.
  • Diet Green Tea - 0 cal.
  • 1/2 Red Barron Special Deluxe Pizza- 760 cal.

Yes my calorie intake was only 1,550 calories in the start, and I ate 1,920 calories though I was still hungry and CRAVING soda, knowing I had already screwed up Day One I told myself tomorrow was going to be better.

That night I told my husband Andrew what I was doing and he liked the idea. Which I wasn't sure if he would since we had to log everything and scan our foods. I showed him how to do it, its all pretty simple. Scan the barcode of your product and nine times out of ten it pops up. If not you can quickly add calories or make your own product code. Andrew started on his the very next day and so far he has been right there with me ever since.

I KNEW I had to get off at least regular sodas. I know diet soda is BAD but its better than drinking all those calories. Anyway drinking I know 1-2 2L of soda A DAY was terrible I knew that but being an pop drinker for as long as I could remember was going to be hard going going cold turkey. I even told my uncle I wouldn't be caught EVER drinking a Diet Coke. Dang I ate my words.
Plus I hated water. Love to swim in it. Not to drink it. Go figure. I think it was a childhood thing not going into that piss some family off for that one.
 I SWEAR The month of January was HELL for me. Everyday I would give myself a 12 oz of soda. then go down to 6 oz then 4 oz and ect. until I FINALLY quit it. I felt like a meth addict coming off crack. It wasn't fun at all.  But somehow I did it. I do drink a lot more water now. I even crave it somedays. Which is good. 

Within the first week of using MyFitnessPal I lost 5 pounds. FIVE POUNDS. Nothing else had worked. But this FOOD MODERATION worked. DANG I really wished I had listened to my teachers in health and Foods in high school she wasn't joking when to stay healthy you needed to watch how much you ate. 

Day: 240: I now weigh 180.1lbs and can wear a size 12/13 (depends on the maker) pant/shorts
So Far I've lost a total of 40 pounds!

Mr.Wii Fit can be a real buthole because everytime I go to step on him he says "Oh!" .... Butthole! 

I've done made this post WAY TOO long so I guess I'm going to stop it here. I'm going to try to back track using my memory and go by month by month, or couple months by couple of months. We will see.

You can Add me on MyFitnessPal my username is MrsGinaTaylor or you can click the link HERE

 And Let me know if you have any questions on my journey or on the MyFitnessPal App or website.
Thanks for reading!!
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