Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In the Beginning.... (Post #1)

In high school I was a JROTC cadet. I didn't eat much at all and I relatively active during the day. We had a garden to tend and sometimes I even helped my parents with their car hauling business. During the summer we spent most of the time at a campground that I loved and still do because of mostly one thing. Their 9 ft swimming pool. I rode my bike or walked to and from the campsite.

Even though I weighed 130-140lbs for my then 5ft1in frame I felt like every teenage girl. 

And of course looking back I wish I could smack myself and tell myself. "No! Your perfect!"

But alas I can't do that. After I found the love of my life at the tender age of 16 I was open to a whole new world of foods. Coming from the country I mostly ate homemade southern foods. My then boyfriend wanted to take me out and spend time with me as much as we could. Being in a such a small town there is mostly restaurants and really nothing healthy to do. Not at the time anyway.

As time went by my weight started to accumulate, and it saddened me but my love said he would love me no matter what. Knowing he was the one I kept on eating whatever I wanted to.

January 2009 I graduated high school at a disappointing weight of 181 pounds. I had always been the "chubby kid" of the class, and in 6th grade my highest weight was 176lbs then the "baby fat" started to come off. Which mainly from that because at the time we thought I had Acid Reflux, when I was 16 I found out I had a bum gallbladder and had it removed. Anyways.... 181lbs I couldn't believe that after all of that I had gained so much. Seeing my graduation photos disgusted me. But we move on...

By July of that year my fiance and I wanted a place of our own. We wanted to start a life together and be together as much as we could. He worked 12 hours a day 5 (sometimes 6) days a week. Living in the country ALL my life was personally hard to deal with moving into an trailer park. I mean no offense to anyone who lives in one. It's just not for me. I wouldn't say I was going crazy but it felt like I was. No yard to enjoy or anything. I lived on a farm with the neighbors pretty nice and would leave you alone. But you couldn't do anything or you would piss someone off. So pretty much I was confined to a 2 bedroom 1 bath that was in terrible condition from the previous owner, and had to stay cooped up all week long.

 By September we had decided that him and I wanted to get married as soon as we could because we didn't want to waste any time being a married couple. So we agreed on Halloween! It was awesome! I could tell you about it but thats a whole nother story. 

Soon after we found out we were pregnant! Which was very exciting and scary because I didn't know how my family would react.

Growing more pregnant everyday so was my weight gain. By the time I had him June, 2010 my weight had reached a whopping 220 pounds! 

Then around the end of 2012 I had seen several places on TV and on the internet called MyFitnessPal. And I knew I wouldn't be able to log every day on the website because I know how I am. So I didn't make me an account. So I decided to wait. Then around the beginning of January 2013 my husband bought me an iPhone 4s. By January 11th I found out that the MyFitnessPal app was free so I downloaded it. Showed Andrew, he started the next day and its been all gravy since. 

Thank you for reading the first part of my story, 
There will be more to come.
xoxo Gina oxox