Monday, September 2, 2013

Disney Movie Rewards

Yay! Got Graison his first Christmas present of 2013 for free!!
It's taken me a few years to accumulate the points but this was from just free codes online alone. If I had of bought some Disney Movies (list of eligible Disney titles with Rewards codes in them) I would have gotten there in no time! But me waiting a couple years to get it completely free.

But I know he is going to love it! I see him now putting his Mater and Lightening McQueen and Hot Wheels in it. 

I know next year I won't be able to post his presents online because he is too smart for his own good!

Disney Magic is at work: you'll receive your shipment in 2-4 weeks...and maybe sooner! As our favorite mouse might say, "That's swell!"

Here is 3 Free codes I know two of them work for sure because I just used them.

U13PEKSZZD (25 points)
FPSNN83JX9 (25 points)
PLEDGE (25 points)

And if you connect your Facebook you get 25 points also.