Monday, June 22, 2015

Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds

I was sent Blue Diamond Sriracha Alomonds to try recently. I'm a big Sriracha fan so I was super excited about them!

Opening them they smell delicious. I was hoping for some heat but the flavor is amazing. 

They are my favorite flavor from Blue diamond, and my husbands too. I really hope they keep this one.

They are so good eating with my carrots and hummus, and pepper jack cheese.

I make a lot of Chicken Habachi Stir-fry, and these are wonderful crushed over top.

Also on salads!! I love them! 

Sriracha lovers I so recommend even though they have no heat. Even my 5 year old loves them.

Thank you for reading!

Disclosure Note:
I received Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds to try for free. All opinions are my own and no compensation was paid. Blue Diamond Taste Makers