Friday, June 6, 2014

Trip to the Beach! 2014

My husband is turning 25 at the end of the month, my son turned 4 yesterday and neither one of them had ever been to the beach! Which I think is crazy considering my parents tried to take myself and my brothers, to the beach, camping, and to Cherokee at least once in the summertime.

So after waiting so long for our son to be able to enjoy it also we finally were able to go!
Though I myself am 30 weeks pregnant I wasn't in too much misery! 

My family isn't rich but well off so I don't have a nice DSLR camera to work with. But after testing it on this three day vacation I am quite happy about it.

I am using an Canon PowerShot SX170 IS 16MP Digital Camera.
Maybe one day I can afford the DSLR camera I am really wanting but this, this camera made me so happy after I got home from our trip, that I won't need one for a while.

I used a basic free photo editor brightening the places that needed to be, and enhancing what I thought it needed, and giving it a "dusk" look to each single photo, before making it into a collage.
Nothing too fancy.
Simplicity is best, in my opinion.

I am a amateur photographer, if I should even call myself that, but I get some of my inspiration from They have a great website.

Thank you for reading!
xoxo Gina oxox

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