Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Juicer! So excited!

Today we were able to finally get a juicer so we can get healthy! We went to Kmart to get it. Me, Andrew, and my mom are all going to start juicing soon, so we decided we would go halfers on it. My mom won a $50.00 Sear Gift Card so she let us use that and then my aunt gave me $50.00 for my birthday that was Jan. 30th. Kmart has the Jack Lalanne on sale for 89.99, $10.00 cheaper than Walmart so we got out cheaper than what we thought we were going to. After going to the farmers market to get some fruits and veggies we head home. We clean it up and first try plain Granny Smith apple juice. It is awesome! We haven't tried anything else yet. But recommend this one. Only thing I don't like is the silk screen because of particles get stuck, but all of them have that so I will have to get over that.